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George Heathcote

George Heathcote

Co-Founder, Financial Advisor

I am passionate about helping people with their finances. I think the lack of financial education and the deception it leads to, fuels me to bring knowledge and clarity to my clients. The positive impact I have on people's overall situation is very fulfilling to me.

I was born in Madison and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from UW Madison and an MBA from Edgewood College. I have always worked in Madison, and am passionate about serving my clients. I enjoy solving their concerns, meeting their needs, and fighting on their behalf. Being client focused drove my early corporate career. However, as I achieved higher levels in my company, championing the cause of my clients rather than the stockholders often ran into challenges. This led to me to leave and start my own firm. This gives me the freedom to serve and treat people with the attention and care they deserve. Where they are what’s most important. I look forward to serving you enthusiastically providing my highest value.

I live in rural Mazomanie with my wife, who I raised five children with. When I’m not in front of clients I like to travel, boat, swim, fish, hunt, make new friends, and experience new places and events. I also like working with the audio and video production for my church and spending valuable time with friends and family.