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Jim Delaney

Jim Delaney

Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative

Meet Jim Delaney, a financial advisor with over 32 years of experience in building and managing multiple privately held businesses and assets in three different countries and two continents. Jim’s significant experience in starting, growing, and selling businesses provides him with a broad understanding of the financial needs, challenges, and potential risks his clients may face.

Jim has an amiable and approachable personality; and he takes great pride in serving clients in their financial journey. His philosophy is simple: “Everyone has a unique situation, and it's about finding the right action plan to help them achieve their best outcome.”

After a period of founding, owning, and building businesses in Ireland and Scotland, Jim returned home and later started his licensed advisory career in 2012. He left a multi-national financial firm to become a partner in Shepherd Financial Advisors; a local, boutique advisory office. As he said, “no one wants to be a number on the upper left side of a computer screen.”

Jim is a native Madisonian and graduate of UW-Madison having earned a B.A. in political science with an emphasis in international relations and a concentration in S.E. Asian studies. Jim and his wife Wendy live in Madison. When he’s not working on behalf of his clients you can find him at sporting events, occasionally attending a car or off-shore boat race, volunteering at St. Christopher’s parish or continuing his education as a lifelong learner.

Jim and his two brothers jointly own Delaney’s Steak Seafood Wine, an iconic, award-winning restaurant on Madison’s west side.